Before a Run

Being able to shoot this video was super fun and I learned a lot about Final Cut Pro! This video contains footage of one of my friends teaching us a few stretches you should do before you go on a run. It also shows what you can eat before one too so you don’t cramp up. Adding music, different transitions, and filters really make the video ten times better than the original. Hopefully who ever watches this will enjoy!

Using StoryBoard , I was able to recreate my video into something unique. I put the video into chronological order and did this by using the awesome website! This storyboard does not exactly show everything with what my video has to show, but it gives you a good idea as to what you are going to watch but in an easier form.



Sklarski, M. (2/2217) . Storyboard Image (screenshot)



Brand Yourself


Brand Yourself is a helpful website to be able to delete unwanted things online of yourself when people search your name on Google. It is very important to have only positive things online especially if people who are looking to hire you for a job.

This website makes you enter your name and generates all searches with that name. You scroll through the results and tell whether or not a certain search is positive, negative, or if it’s even you. If you decide that a result is negative or it’s not about you, the website then is able to hide that result.

Brand Yourself is a website that is extremely useful for everyone. It helped improve my google search results for my name and it got rid of the things that was not me that could have potentially harmed my name. It showed me ways to help improve my google searches.



Sklarski, M. (2/1/17). BrandYourself screenshot (screenshot).