Networking 2




Attending an event at the GVSU library through the GVSU counseling center was interesting. I didn’t know events were held through the GVSU counseling center and I love the fact that they hold screenings during finals week. I attended the Sleep and Stress Screening at the Library on the Allendale Campus. GVSU Counseling is located in the student service building where when you enter it is a very friendly environment.

This screening showed that I must get more sleep and try to be less stressed out about things. Taking this survey was very eye opening.


Sklarski, M. (4/20/17). iPhone screenshot [screenshot]


Networking #1


I made an appointment at the GVSU Career Center to go over my resume. I have never been to the GVSU Career Center which I am glad I was able to finally go there. I met up with Christina where she guided me with the steps I must take in order to have the best resume I can possible create. She also gave me a handbook all about resumes and different samples of them. This will definitely help me in the future when I am applying for jobs and in need of a great resume.

I recommend that students should visit the GVSU Career Center if they need help with resumes, job interviews, etc. Everyone there was very friendly and welcoming. Click here to learn more or set up an appointment with the GVSU Career Center .