Fitness program for a healthy runner

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Korosec, Kirsten. Healthy Meal. 2017. Miami. Web. 15 Mar. 2017.


Google is an extremely helpful website when it comes to optimizing our searches. Google uses a keyword planner tool that helps us figure out what people are searching when they are looking for your website. The keywords that you believe people will use to search to find your page are very important when it comes to expanding your website. They give you a list of more popular words that you should include for searches.

This tool was very useful to me. I submitted five words and phrases and got helpful information. The five words I used are listed below and how often they are searched for in the Grand Rapids area. I was given five other words or phrases and how often those were also searched. With all of this information, I am hoping my website will get more viewers!

5 suggested words/phrases

Fitness              100-1k                                Fitness program       10-100

Running          100-1k                                   Run                           100-1k

Health              100-1k                                 Healthy                     10-100

Stretching       100-1k                                Nutrition                 100-1k

Workout        100-1k                                    Runner                   10-100


I have my own personal fitness program.

I like to run.

Having a healthy lifestyle is important.

I really value nutrition in my life.

Being a runner is fun.




If you have not used the cool website Piktochart I highly recommend it! It is an awesome website where you can create an infographic on anything you would like. With mine, I created one about why it is important to stretch before you go for a run. There are many different reasons as to why it is so important to stretch but I only stated a few reasons but you can make your infographic as long as you would like and with any types of specific details as you would like!

This website and the information I was able to gather together was very interesting and informational. I learned more as to why it truly is important to stretch! I had no idea about this website and I am happy I was able to explore and learn more about it for the future.


Sklarski, M. (2/12/17). Running 101 (infographic) . Retrieved from Piktochart.

Before a Run

Being able to shoot this video was super fun and I learned a lot about Final Cut Pro! This video contains footage of one of my friends teaching us a few stretches you should do before you go on a run. It also shows what you can eat before one too so you don’t cramp up. Adding music, different transitions, and filters really make the video ten times better than the original. Hopefully who ever watches this will enjoy!

Using StoryBoard , I was able to recreate my video into something unique. I put the video into chronological order and did this by using the awesome website! This storyboard does not exactly show everything with what my video has to show, but it gives you a good idea as to what you are going to watch but in an easier form.



Sklarski, M. (2/2217) . Storyboard Image (screenshot)