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Attending an event at the GVSU library through the GVSU counseling center was interesting. I didn’t know events were held through the GVSU counseling center and I love the fact that they hold screenings during finals week. I attended the Sleep and Stress Screening at the Library on the Allendale Campus. GVSU Counseling is located in the student service building where when you enter it is a very friendly environment.

This screening showed that I must get more sleep and try to be less stressed out about things. Taking this survey was very eye opening.


Sklarski, M. (4/20/17). iPhone screenshot [screenshot]


Final Exam

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Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 9.26.18 PM.png     Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 11.15.04 PM.png

The whole concept with Google Partners and Google Analytics is a long process but satisfying when you finally reach your certifications. I watched every video in the google analytics for beginners and took each assessment that consisted of about 10-15 questions each. I then received my certification in that department and moved onto the advanced google analytics academy. I did the same thing as I did with the beginners academy and got my certification in advanced google analytics. Now it was time to take the exam. It was 70 questions and only having 90 minutes to pass with an 80% or higher stressed me out. But, I did it!

Using Google Analytics helps you analyze visitor traffic and paint a complete picture of your audiences and their needs. Track the routes people take to reach you and the devices they use to get there with reporting tools. Learn what people are looking for and what they like. Use the resulting data to tailor your marketing and site content for maximum impact.

Due to the fact that Google Analytics helps your personal brand or website, including my own, this can also give you a boost of confidence knowing what your supporters like and what you need to change in order to be better. My personal brand is all about running and nutrition. Google Analytics shows you exactly how visitors are finding your website and how they are using it.

This powerful tool allows any ones brand to grow. You can see where people are dropping off from the website. For example, if there is a design problem that needs to be fixed you can tackle the problem quickly. You can also see what sources are bringing in not only the most traffic, but also the best customers. With my personal brand being unpopular, using this website could enhance and make my website more popular than ever before.

The skills that I gained from receiving my Google Analytics Certification and going through all of the assessments and really understanding all of the positive outcomes that come out of this website will hopefully help my personal brand prosper. The sections that I have under my belt is acquisition, audience, and behavior. The audience section in Google Analytics shows information all about your website visitors. With the acquisition section, it provides information about how people visit your website. Using the “all traffic” tab will help you accomplish this. Whereas the behavior section helps you understand how people are interacting with your website which helps you see which pages on your website are the most popular. Plugging in all of these tools into my personal brand will leave me better off with a great website.


Sklarski, M. (4/19/17). google analytics screenshot [screenshot]. https.//

Sklarski, M. (4/19/17). google analytics academy screenshot [screenshot].

Networking #1


I made an appointment at the GVSU Career Center to go over my resume. I have never been to the GVSU Career Center which I am glad I was able to finally go there. I met up with Christina where she guided me with the steps I must take in order to have the best resume I can possible create. She also gave me a handbook all about resumes and different samples of them. This will definitely help me in the future when I am applying for jobs and in need of a great resume.

I recommend that students should visit the GVSU Career Center if they need help with resumes, job interviews, etc. Everyone there was very friendly and welcoming. Click here to learn more or set up an appointment with the GVSU Career Center .

Social Media Management

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The website TweetDeck is a very helpful and unique website. You need a twitter account in order for you to be able to use this website. You can schedule tweets any time you want instead of worrying about forgetting to tweet it at that time. This is a helpful website especially for businesses that have a twitter account and need to stay interactive with their followers and supporters.

I recommend this website to any one who has a twitter. It is just like twitter but has much more features than the normal twitter website. I will definitely use this in the future! Such a great idea for a website.


Sklarski, M. (4/19/17). Tweetdeck screenshot. [screenshot]

Fitness program for a healthy runner

Perfect Pre-Race meal460.jpg

Korosec, Kirsten. Healthy Meal. 2017. Miami. Web. 15 Mar. 2017.


Google is an extremely helpful website when it comes to optimizing our searches. Google uses a keyword planner tool that helps us figure out what people are searching when they are looking for your website. The keywords that you believe people will use to search to find your page are very important when it comes to expanding your website. They give you a list of more popular words that you should include for searches.

This tool was very useful to me. I submitted five words and phrases and got helpful information. The five words I used are listed below and how often they are searched for in the Grand Rapids area. I was given five other words or phrases and how often those were also searched. With all of this information, I am hoping my website will get more viewers!

5 suggested words/phrases

Fitness              100-1k                                Fitness program       10-100

Running          100-1k                                   Run                           100-1k

Health              100-1k                                 Healthy                     10-100

Stretching       100-1k                                Nutrition                 100-1k

Workout        100-1k                                    Runner                   10-100


I have my own personal fitness program.

I like to run.

Having a healthy lifestyle is important.

I really value nutrition in my life.

Being a runner is fun.



If you have not used the cool website Piktochart I highly recommend it! It is an awesome website where you can create an infographic on anything you would like. With mine, I created one about why it is important to stretch before you go for a run. There are many different reasons as to why it is so important to stretch but I only stated a few reasons but you can make your infographic as long as you would like and with any types of specific details as you would like!

This website and the information I was able to gather together was very interesting and informational. I learned more as to why it truly is important to stretch! I had no idea about this website and I am happy I was able to explore and learn more about it for the future.


Sklarski, M. (2/12/17). Running 101 (infographic) . Retrieved from Piktochart.


Before and After photos made in photoshop. Adding new filters and new images to your image makes your final product even better! I mainly used the lasso tool. With this tool, you can draw around an image and create a duplicate of it. That is where you see the white and the black shadow of a running male on my after image. I also used the eraser tool but with this, there were many different types of erasers and you could choose from. I used the eraser tool on the blue sun on the top left to make it more unique.